Storehouse Pantry Locations

There are currently two Storehouse Pantries located in Bolton - Johnson Fold and New Bury, Farnworth. 


For more information about each individual Pantry, including address, opening times and current eligible postcodes for membership, please click the relevant Pantry link to the left.

Membership Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all Storehouse Pantry locations.


Becoming a Member of Storehouse Pantry

  • Membership is allocated on a first come first served basis
  • Members must be 16 years or over

  • Membership to Storehouse Pantry is for residents who live within a specific post code and/or have been referred by a partner agency (e.g. Bolton at Home) and meet the following criteria.  Criteria one to four provide a six month membership.  Criteria five to nine provide a six week membership:

  1. Health - An individual suffering a physical incapacity and/or mental health issues within the last 6 months resulting in temporary financial/emotional distress

  2. Caring Responsibilities - An individual or household which has taken on caring for an additional family member from outside their household within the last 6 months, resulting in temporary financial distress

  3. Debt - An individual or household paying arrears or debts resulting in financial distress where the individual or household is in receipt of working age benefits or tax credits

  4. Job Loss/Wage Delay - An individual who has been subject to redundancy, job loss or multiple delays in wage payments within the last 6 months, which is causing financial and emotional distress

  5. Benefit Delay - An individual or household facing current benefit problems (i.e. benefit delay, a new benefit claim being made, benefit suspension)

  6. Fleeing Domestic Violence - An individual or household fleeing or having fled domestic violence within the last 3 months

  7. Leaving Care/Custody - An individual who has left care, custody or temporary (e.g. hostel) accommodation within the last 6 weeks, causing temporary financial distress

  8. Homeless - An individual who is homeless (not 'roofless') and is temporarily staying within an eligible postcode household

  9. Seeking Asylum - An individual or household currently seeking asylum.  If a person or family has been refused asylum we cannot issue Pantry membership

  • Decision on membership will be made by the management group on review of the membership request form and will be  notified via letter
  • There is only one membership per  household
  • There are a limited number of memberships available and access to membership is dependent on capacity.  When capacity is reached, a waiting list will operate on a first come first served basis
  • Once membership is offered, there is an expectation that where additional support is offered, you will engage with services in order to obtain and retain membership
  • Membership is non-transferable
  • Membership subscription is £2.50 per weekly visit
  • Storehouse Pantry reserves the right to cancel or refuse membership.  The reasons for doing so include if:

- you move away from the area

- you attempt to steal items from the Pantry

- you take food/items from the Pantry and give them to someone who is not in  

  your household

- you pass your Membership card onto someone else to use

- you attend the Pantry under the influence of drugs/alcohol

- you are found to be abusive towards Pantry or staff/volunteers, or

- you do not access the Pantry during a three month period

  • If you lose your membership card, there is a replacement fee of 50p for a new card
  • Items taken from the Pantry are only for the consumption/use of members and those they live with and should not be given away to others
  • Membership and the criteria are reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Management Group

Using Storehouse Pantry

  • Members must bring their own shopping bags
  • Members must show their membership card as required
  • Members can visit the Pantry once a week
  • Items on offer each week may vary subject to availability and whilst stocks last
  • Members cannot pre-order items and there is no guaranteed availability of any item week to week
  • Where products may be stocked past their best before date, with damaged packaging, labelling or with no labelling at all, it is the responsibility of the member to  decide whether to take these products at their own risk
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