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Storehouse Pantry is a not for profit project, located in Bolton, Greater Manchester.  It was developed through a partnership between Urban Outreach, local churches and Bolton at Home and started as a pilot on the Johnson Fold estate in October 2015.  The project evolved from Bolton’s Storehouse Foodbank and developed into a locally based Pantry, which offers choice to its members and is supported by local community volunteers.


The project was developed further through work with the community based 'New Bury Vision Group' and the second Storehouse Pantry launched at the New Bury UCAN Centre in June 2017.  In further development of the concept, a Mobile Storehouse Pantry is due to be launched later in 2017.


Storehouse Pantry aims to address all forms of poverty and disadvantage within priority communities based upon deprivation data and to offer access to a range of support services which meet, as far as possible, the wider needs and issues of members.  Storehouse Pantry does not aim to reach all who are struggling financially.  It is the additional crisis points which people on a low income can reach that Storehouse Pantry is looking to support.


In addition to the support available, members can choose from a variety of groceries and other household consumables for a £2.50 membership fee per weekly visit.


The average shopping basket is worth over £15 at full retail value, so a weekly visit should save a member over £750 on their food bill each year!  This can help our members meet other important payments such as rent, council tax and paying off loans.


Membership is given on the basis of need within defined post code areas on a 'first come first served' basis.  This is discussed with prospective Members when completing a membership request form.  For more information, please refer to the FAQ's.

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